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Powder Coating

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Powder Coaters of Steel & Aluminium Parts & Products

Electrostatic powder coating involves the use of speciality coloured powdercoating powders, paints and finishes for metal including aluminium and steel to create the final look for the product. It is hugely important to achieve exact colours and textures for our clients to avoid inconsistencies in their branding and to maintain the look and feel of a product.

Our team of metal coating specialists work with our powder suppliers to produce coatings in the precise colours required by our clients for their parts and products. As well as colours, we are capable of creating a number of lacquered or coating finishes that include gloss, matt, textured, rippled, semi-gloss etc.

Examples of large volume metal parts and products created using our powder coating services include the manufacture of point of sale units and retail fixtures, HVAC systems, electrical enclosures and metal cabinets, along with lighting systems.

Our 3 Step Guide to Powdercoating a Metal Part or Product!

  1. Pre Treatment
    After any cutting, forming or fabrication work has taken place, each item is washed in chemicals to ensure the metal surface is prepared and ready for coating. This is to minimise blemishes and any inconsistencies in the texture of the powder coating once cured and finished.
  2. Powdercoating
    Powdercoating involves six automated reciprocating arms spraying dry powder on to the pre-treated metal item, using an electrostatic charge, in order to gain even coverage. Our highly qualified and experienced powder coating technicians are on hand to inspect each item to ensure that an even coverage is achieved before curing.
  3. Curing
    Once powder coated, the item must then be cured in the curing oven for 15 to 20 minutes, where the 180 degree heat causes a chemical reaction which bonds and finishes the powder coated layer.
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